Do you want to contribute to F# commmunity projects? We encourage all efforts which support our mission. Some of the open community projects you can contribute to are below.

These projects may be at an early stage, and are not necessarily appropriate for production use. Out of small beginnings, great things come!

To add a project to this list, log on to GitHub, edit this page and submit a pull request.

Community Projects: Compiler and Core Library

Community Projects: Foundational Libraries

  • ExtCore - Core library extensions for F#.

  • FSharp.Enterprise - A collection of helpers for enterprise development with F#.

  • logo FSharpx - Extensions and Tools for F# Programming.

Community Projects: Development Tools

Community Projects: Data Access

  • logo FSharp.Data - A library of F# type providers and data access tools. Contributions welcome!

    • Freebase Provider - The Freebase graph database contains information on over 23 million real-world entities. The Freebase type provider puts this information at your fingertips.

    • WorldBank Provider - Makes the WorldBank data easily accessible to F# programs and scripts in a type safe way, which has a data catalog of over 8000 development indicators and other data about countries in the world.

    • CSV Type Provider - Read CSV files in a statically typed way.

    • JSON Type Provider - Access JSON files in a statically typed way.

    • XML Type Provider - Access XML documents in a statically typed way.

  • logo FSharp.Data.Toolbox - F# Data-based library for various data access APIs, includes a Twitter access package.

  • Apiary Provider - A type provider that makes it possible to easily call REST services that are documented using the service.

  • logo FSharp.Data.SqlClient - use SQL to specify queries, explore Stored Procedures, User Defined Types and Functions with IntelliSense right in your F# code.

  • FSharp.Linq.ComposableQuery - A Compositional Query Framework for F# Queries, based on “A Practical Theory of Language-Integrated Query”

  • SQLProvider - A general SQL type provider, supporting LINQ queries, schema exploration, stored procedures, individuals and much more besides. Currently supports MS SQL Server, MS Access, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL.

  • DynamicsNAVProvider - A Microsoft Dynamics NAV type provider, supporting LINQ queries, schema exploration, individuals and much more besides.

  • DynamicsCRMProvider - A type provider for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013.

  • S3 Type Provider - An experimental type provider for Amazon S3.

  • Azure Storage Type Provider - A type provider for Azure Storage assets e.g. Blobs and Tables.

  • FSharp.Data.HiveProvider - An F# type provider for writing simple Hive/Hadoop queries. Contributions welcome!

  • DAXIF# - Delegate Automated Xrm Installation Framework - A set of tools that in combination with other Microsoft Tools, make it easier to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM on a daily basis, also for developers who are not familiar with the platform.

Community Projects: Exploratory Data Science Programming

  • logo Deedle - Deedle is an open, easy to use library for data and time series manipulation and for scientific programming. It supports working with structured data frames, ordered and unordered data, as well as time series. Deedle is designed to work well for exploratory programming using F# and C# interactive console, but can be also used in efficient compiled .NET code. You can financial users of F# including BlueMountatin Capital in contributing to this library.

  • logo The R Type Provider for F# - An F# type provider for higher-fidelity integration between F# and R. Primary contributors are BlueMountain Capital, a hedge fund, other contributors are warmly welcomed.

  • The MATLAB Type Provider for F# - An F# type provider for higher-fidelity integration between F# and MATLAB. Early stages. Contributors and reviewers welcome.

  • The Python Type Provider for F# (experimental) - Python type provider for F#.

  • Vulpes - A machine learning app using a deep belief network and connecting to the NVIDIA GPU unit using [Alea.cuBase] (

Community Projects: Visualization Tools

  • logo FSharp.Charting - The FSharp.Charting library implements charting suitable for use from F# scripting.

  • FsPlot - FsPlot is an interactive data visualization library for F# using HTML5/JavaScript.

  • VegaHub - SignalR hub accessible from F# interactive with charting made through the vega JavaScript library.

Community Projects: Math Libraries

  • logo Math.NET Numerics - A large collection of algorithms including linear algebra, special functions, statistics, probability models, interpolation and FFTs. Supports F# 3.0+ with idiomatic extension modules.

  • logo FSharp.Fuzzy - A basic math library of fuzzy and interval calculus with examples

Community Projects: Desktop User Interfaces

  • F# MVC framework for WPF - A community framework to take advantage of the F# language features to create truly type-safe WPF applications.

Community Projects: GPGPU Execution

  • FSCL - Framework for OpenCL programming, scheduling and execution abstraction on heterogeneous platforms in F#.

  • Alea.cuBase - Professional GPGPU programming with F# and CUDA(TM).

  • Brahma.FSharp - GPGPU programming with F#. F# quotation to OpenCL translator.

Community Projects: Financial Calculations and Data

Community Projects: Web Tools

  • logo WebSharper - WebSharper is an F#-based web programming platform including a compiler from F# code to JavaScript. Primary contributors are IntelliFactory, it is open source and on Contributors welcome!

  • FunScript - FunScript is a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page applications. You can connect to external data sources and call REST APIs with intellisense, produce dashboards using JavaScript visualization libraries and write asynchronous computations easily without explicit callbacks. Contributions, samples and users welcome!

  • logo Suave - Suave is a simple web development F# library providing a lightweight web server and a set of combinators to manipulate route flow and task composition.

  • logoFracture I/O - High performance sockets library.

  • logoFracture.Http - HTTP server built on Fracture I/O.

  • Frank - Frank provides a functional wrapper around the types in System.Net.Http, the library used by ASP.NET Web API.

  • Dyfrig - (WIP) F# types for working with OWIN.

  • Taliesin - (WIP) Generate types for web clients and servers given or API documentation.

Community Projects: Scripting & Configuration

  • Stellar - Typed access to the Windows Azure Management REST APIs.

Community Projects: Asynchronous, Concurrent and Parallel Programming

  • Hopac - Inspired by languages like Concurrent ML and Cilk, Hopac is a library for F# with the aim of making it easier to write efficient parallel, asynchronous and concurrent programs.

  • F# Parallel Sequences. This component provides F#-style API for parallel operations on sequences that are part of .NET 4.0 as System.Linq.ParallelEnumerable class. The API is akin to F# operations on sequences.

Community Projects: Distribution Tools

  • f0 - A binary [de]serialization combinator library, with binary-format phantom types and a compatible Scala partner implementation.

  • FsPickler - A fast, general-purpose binary serializer for .NET written in F# that doubles as a pickler combinator library.

  • logo Filbert - A simple BERT serializer and BERT-RPC client for .Net written in F#.

  • logo Akka.NET - .NET community port of the Java/Scala framework Akka.

  • logo fszmq - a binding to the ZeroMQ distributed computing library for F# (and other CLR languages).

  • logo Ractor.CLR - Redis based distributed actors system.

Community Projects: Cloud Tools

  • logo Amazon.SimpleWorkflow.Extensions Extension to Amazon SDK’s SimpleWorkflow capabilities to make it more intuitive to use

  • logo DynamoDB.SQL SQL-like external DSL for querying and scanning Amazon DynamoDB

  • Fog - Fog brings the cloud down to earth and wraps it in something more easily used by F#. It provides a more functional approach to creating Windows Azure apps with F#.

  • logo FSharp.Azure - FSharp.Azure provides an idiomatic F# API to query and modify data in Azure table storage using immutable F# record types.

Community Projects: Testing Tools

  • logo FSharpTest - NUnit Visual Studio Project template with sample failing tests in FsUnit, FsCheck, and Unquote.

  • FsUnit - Add F# functional syntax to NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit, and MsTest.

  • FsCheck - Random testing generator combinators, port of Haskell’s QuickCheck.

  • logo Foq - A lightweight thread-safe mocking library for F#, C# & VB.Net. Use Foq to mock abstract classes and interfaces.

  • logo Unquote - F# unit test assertions as quoted expressions and step-by-step failure messages.

  • logo canopy - F#rictionless web testing with Selenium.

  • TickSpec A lightweight F# Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework

  • FSpec A context/specification testing framework for F#

Community Projects: Parsing and Compiler Tools

  • FsLex and FsYacc FsLex and FsYacc implementations for F#. Contributions welcome.

  • FParsec A parser combinator library for F#

  • ParsecClone A fparsec subset clone that works on generalized stream classes

  • logo YaccConstructor Platform for grammarware research and development

  • LLVM-FS - LLVM bindings for F#

Community Projects: Search Tools

  • FlexSearch Flexible and fast open source F# based Search Engine

  • RFun - RFun is a search engine for looking up the arguments of R functions when using RProvider.

Community Projects: Development Tools (earlier versions of Visual Studio, may be resurrectable)