Option 1: Build F# iOS Apps using Xamarin Studio

logo Xamarin provide F# tools for Android and iOS mobile development with F#, using Xamarin Studio.


  1. Get Xamarin Studio and the F# Tools for Mac

  2. From “Xamarin Studio –> Addin Manager” select the Alpha update channel. Update as needed.

  3. From “Xamarin Studio –> Addin Manager –> Updates” choose “Refresh”.

  4. From “Xamarin Studio –> Addin Manager –> Gallery” install and enable the F# Language Binding. If not available, compile from source (see below)

  5. From “Xamarin Studio –> Addin Manager –> Installed” enable “Mobile Development –> F# Support for Xamarin.iOS Development”

You can now create a new F# iOS app, e.g. an “iPad Single View Application”.

See the Apps and Games section for more information on getting going with F# iOS development.

Report problems to the F# Open Source Group email list and/or Xamarin.

Building F# Language Binding for Xamarin Studio from source

Check out https://github.com/fsharp/fsharpbinding.git to $fsbind, then:

cd $fsbind/monodevelop
sh configure.sh

That produces $fsbind/pack/X.Y.Z/local/Debug/MonoDevelop.FSharpBinding_X.Y.Z.mpack. Open Xamarin Studio, and from Xamarin Studio –> Addin Manager and install this using Install from file.

Option 2: Build HTML5 iOS apps