Option 1: Use WebSharper

WebSharper WebSharper supports F# and can be used to make F# client-side or cross-tier HTML5 web apps. These can be used from any HTML5-enabled browser.

Option 2: Use Fable

Fable is an F# to JS compiler designed to generate clean and standard code in order to maximize interoperability in both ways. It integrates with most of JS development pipelines like Babel, Webpack or React Hot Loader. Fable allows you develop not only web apps but also node.js, desktop with Electron or mobile with React native.

Option 3: Use F# on the Server with JavaScript, CoffeeScript or TypeScript on the client

You can use F# on the server with JavaScript, CoffeeScript or TypeScript as the front end, in conjunction with modern JS/HTML5 web frameworks. More details at F# Web Programming.