Option 1: Build Android Apps using F# + Xamarin Tools

logo logo Xamarin provide F# tools for Android and iOS modile development with F#, using either Xamarin Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio.

  1. Get the Visual F# tools for Windows or F# Tools for Mac.

  2. Get Xamarin Studio

    Note: If using Windows you may also need to install Visual F# Tools 3.0 and the F# 2.0 Runtime before you can do Android project development. This requirement is being fixed.

You can now create a new F# Android app, e.g. an “F# Honeycomb Application”. Build and Debug will deploy to an emulator or device.

Report problems as follows:

  • For most issues and discussions, use the Xamarin forums and bug tracker
  • For the F# language binding, see the F# Binding repository

Option 2: Build HTML5 Android apps